miCkzilla & keonadot travel - 2008

Vancouver to Halifax (via Canada): miCkzilla & keonadot
Halifax to Vancouver (Via USA): Ma, mickzilla & keonadot

look at us go!!

Saturday, August 17

Hannah, Montana

There's a snake in my boot!, originally uploaded by mickzilla.

One thing that was very consistent over the travels through the parries, both Canada and USA, is the bugs. Like living raindrops they wet the windshield in a downpour at 140km/h.

As the day grew long, and we drove into the Montana sunset, the bug guts on the windshield were all the colors of the rainbow. Vivid cherry reds, lime greens, and lemon yellows of bugs that once were.

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  • At August 20, 2008 at 1:37 PM , Blogger syndicated said...

    you are a poetic mess...

    of bugs.

    btw: keona doesn't look too thrilled about you forcing her on the grass to pose for this pic. hmm... i wonder why?


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