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Saturday, July 24

Saskatoon, SK

Bug Soup, originally uploaded by mickzilla.

The Prairies weren't are boring as I was told - It wasn't completely flat - there where hills and turns, and seas of yellow fields. Granted, we're only about in the middle, so maybe that part comes next.

We actually knew someone in Saskatoon, and thanks to Emily - we got a neat little tour of the city, and some surprisingly good land locked Sushi. The city seems old - like a giant Gas Town, from downtown VBC. I did like the vibe, and Emily made it very entertaining - Thanks Em!

Apparently Saskatchewan's biggest tourist attraction is the actual Corner Gas station (from Canada's #1 Sitcom - Corner Gas) in the city of Rouleau (aka Dog River) - It would be about 1hour off track for us to visit it, and since I've only seen 2 episodes of Corner Gas (enjoying about 1.5 of them), I think we'll skip it. We will drive through Regina though - and I'll probably pick up an Ice Coffee at the local McDonald's there - so there will be a highlight on the next leg of the trip after all!

We're going to do a lot of driving tomorrow - almost 10 hours I believe - next stop, Winnipeg, Manitoba! (and the corner of Portage and Main!)

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