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Vancouver to Halifax (via Canada): miCkzilla & keonadot
Halifax to Vancouver (Via USA): Ma, mickzilla & keonadot

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Saturday, August 16

The Great Mall of America

Why Pay $29.95 ?, originally uploaded by mickzilla.

We did the biggest mall in Canada (and North America) on the early start of our tour, so it only seemed right to stop in to the biggest mall in America. By comparison, it's like less than half the land mass - but it does has 4 floors (West Edmonton Mall only had 2) - so that makes it pretty comparable. The really cool thing is that the Amusement park is right in the middle - and Keona ravaged that all day today. I hit a couple of the roller coasters, which where surprisingly awesome even though they where named after Nickelodeon characters.

After the mall, the drive led us to Bismarck, North Dakota and right through Fargo. On the highway all through Fargo, I couldn't help keeping my eyes glued to the side of the road, looking for the little flag that Steve Buscemi left to indicate where the money was buried. I'm sure it's been found by now.


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