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Sunday, July 22

Worst campers ever!

We made it to Jasper, Alberta! For some reason I paid $9 to get into
the park, but I haven't seen this $9 park yet... I'll figure that out
tomorrow. We did find the quaint town of Jasper and my plan was to
park in one of their many tourist parking lots, and crash in the car.
Rightly so, Keona thought that was a bad idea, and that along with the
signs that said it wasn't allowed had me looking for new
accomidations. We stumbled upon Whistlers Campsite, and for $27, Keona
and I are the proud owners of campsite 6H for the night! Sadly, we did
not bring a tent, or flashlight, but that didn't stop us wannabe
campers. With only minutes to spare before pitch blackness, and the
bears come to eat us, I converted the Honda into our 4 star sleeping
facility, and built the most awesome fire you see in the picture.
Maybe we're campers after-all!

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