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Thursday, August 6

THE McLobster

McLobster, originally uploaded by mickzilla.

Now those of you who know me, might remember my pilgrimage to PEI back in 2005 for a taste of the fabled McLobster sandwich.... But unfortunately, when I walked into McDonald's on September 1st, 2005 - I found out that McLobster season ended August 31st. I explained that I had traveled from the far west to experience this eastern delicacy, and begged them to create me one - but the best they could do was bring out the sign from storage - which did produce one of the most famous pictures of all times. (Producing the "I'm Feeling Lucky" - Google Image Search Result of "McLobster" from 2006-2007).

Well - I'm very happy to report that 3 years later, yet another item from my bucket list has been crossed out. I have finally experienced a McLobster sandwich! It was interestingly-delicious, and figured it out to be 1 part lettuce, 1 part celery, and 2 parts frozen lobster parts all on a hot-dog bun. I figure the lobster parts are local, or from New Brunswick - I imagine they spoke french.

None the less - I challenge everyone who enjoys lobster to make the trek out to the Canadian Maritimes and enjoy the McLobster Sandwich. It won't suck.

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