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Thursday, August 5

The Worlds Best Ice-Cream

Bessy, originally uploaded by mickzilla.

Cows Ice-Cream is the best in the world according to a US travel company.

"Tauck World Discovery" - They travel to 86 counties - and had their employees during travels, report back on the Ice Creams of the world.

Victory is sweet for a tiny PEI company that licked the competition to take its place among the world's 10 best ice cream destinations."It's a very simple recipe, just cream and sugar and eggs," said James Power, ice cream production manager at the Cows facility in Charlottetown. "From there we add all the best ingredients we can find and we add lots of them."

This stuff is good - and there use to be one on Robson Street - but they traded up for a Whistler location. And get this - their only US of A franchise - in Utah! It would even make Kelly proud!

In case you're interested, here's the official top 10:

1. COWS, Prince Edward Island: "On the waterfront in Charlottetown, the proprietors use high-quality ingredients and a lusciously high butterfat content (16 per cent) to craft rich, whimsically-themed flavours."

2. Gelateria Perche No! Florence, Italy: "Perche No! translates to Why Not! The shop dates back 50 years."

3. Tip Top Ice Cream, locations throughout New Zealand: "The Ben & Jerry's of New Zealand."

4. Kula Lodge, Maui, Hawaii: "The best mango sherbet I've ever tasted."

5. Freddo, Buenos Aires: "Known for its eight kinds of dulce de leche ice cream."

6. Gelateria di Piazza, San Gimignano, Italy: "Over 100 flavours, including five different types of chocolate."

7. Hot Licks Homemade Ice Cream, Fairbanks, Alaska: "Locally inspired flavours include Aurora Borealis, Alaska Birch Walnut and Nanook Nosh."

8. Glacier Berthillon, Ile de St. Louis, Paris: "A Paris landmark since 1934."

9. Las Iguanas, Boca de Arenal, Costa Rica: "Unique flavours including cactus and tamarind."

10. Ben & Jerry's, Waterbury, Vermont: "To really appreciate it you'll want to make the pilgrimage to their factory."



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